Learn Karate with Jindokai

Traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate

Thank you for your interest in our Dojo; Whether you are keen to train with us; or simply a Martial Arts enthusiast, we value your interest. We are a traditional Shotokan Dojo, with a culture of being open minded, and respectful to all that walk the path, with a pure heart.

Salisbury Dojo - Mawson Lakes Branch 
Monday & Wednesday
- Denison Centre. Garden Terrace. Mawson Lakes

Playford Dojo - Andrews Farm Branch 
Tuesday & Thursday
- St Columba College Gymnasium. President Avenue. Andrews Farm

Social Dinners 
Parafield Gardens Community Club - 65 Shepherdson Rd, Parafield Gardens

Karate Australia; What's changed?
Over the past couple of years, Karate Australia has been transitioning through some significant Structural and Procedural Changes; one of these changes has been the way in which Individual Memberships are managed.


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