Karate Australia

Karate Australia; What's changed?

Over the past couple of years, Karate Australia has been transitioning through some significant Structural and Procedural Changes; one of these changes has been the way in which Individual Memberships are managed.


In the past, participants joined their local Dojo; and the Dojo joined Karate Australia (the Australian Karate Federation). This meant that most of the administration was managed, at the back-end, by the Dojo Heads.

There was no transparent method of knowing who was a member, and who was not.

New Method:

Karate Australia has adopted a new method of managing Memberships, that brings Karate Australia into line with most other sports, as recommended by the Australian Sports Commission.

It is now required that all participants are to manage their own Individual Membership (click here).

This method allows transparency across the entire sport of Karate; being able to identify quickly, whether a participant has a current Membership is very important.

Verified Participants:

Participants will not be able to Register for Grading Tests or Tournaments, without submitting their valid Karate Australia Membership Number.

The new Membership Database will identfy whether your membership has expired, and prevent you from registering if your membership is not currently validated.


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