Social Dinners

Jindokai Shotokan Karate-Do

Social Dinners

Jindokai Shotokan Karate-Do is socially linked to the Parafield Gardens Community Club. This helps us to provide Social engagement to your Karate participation, outside of regular Dojo training.

The Parafield Gardens Community Club have 'Counter Meals' on Saturday nights; from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

We regularly schedule a 'Jindokai Group Booking', as a social event for our members.

These events are for no special reason, other than to hang out, eat, and relax, together (each person pays for their own meals & drinks).

"it is interesting to hear about other members, and their reasons for training"

Keep an eye on our Events Page, and join us at the next Social Dinner.


About the Parafield Gardens Community Club:

  • Is a safe and welcoming premises for Families

  • Has a secure (fenced) lawn area, for the children to play

Jindokai Members can become members of the Parafield Gardens Community Club, and receive 10% discount on all meals and drinks. You can print a form, and take it with you, to join up. (PGCC Membership Form below)


The Parafield Gardens Community Club have asked for a single coordinator for these bookings - so we will create 'Registration Pages', for each event, in our Events Section - this is to help with coordinating our Bookings.

Please Book on this website.

Please do not confuse their staff, by making seperate bookings - they will allocate a table for you, and you may end up sitting in a different area to the rest of us.

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